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Microsoft is Ending Its Support of Internet Explorer in Aug. 2021

On August 17, 2021, Microsoft will end its mainstream support of Internet Explorer (IE) due to the browser’s incompatibility with modern-day coding standards, longer than normal load times, and susceptibility to remote attacks on your data.

How This Affects You

This means that more and more of your favorite websites will no longer support Internet Explorer browsing sessions. Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify are just a few of the top industry players to end their compatibility officially. Our website will follow suit as we continue to mature and enhance your member experience.

Why This is a Good Thing

When using Internet Explorer, websites take 3.5 times longer on average to load than when using more modern browsers like Safari, Chrome, or Microsoft’s IE replacement, Edge. Additionally, the way that IE stores pages on your computer is so outdated that Microsoft will not provide a fix for its potential exposure to attackers. Safari, Chrome, and Edge do not have these same coding vulnerabilities.

We want you, our members, to have the fastest and safest browsing experience possible when visiting our website. As mentioned, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer alternative is called Edge. If you are on a computer running Windows, you almost certainly already have it! The most popular browser worldwide is Google Chrome, with 63% of the worldwide market share as of February 2021. While we cannot officially recommend one particular browser, we encourage you to explore your options prior to August.

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